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Bentonite Pet Litter

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  • Materialbentonite
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Product Introduction


This product is made of bentonite. The bentonites for cat litter are formed after special refinings, whose color vary from white,colorful to mixed colored. They exist in spherical, cylindrical or unshaped granules.They have many characteristics,such as strong absorption ability. Besides, they become solid speedily and get rid of the disgusting odder. What's more, they can control the bacteria growth and keep the fresh air.Therefore, they are beneficial to the healthiness of pets (such as for cats) and they are the ideal beds for pets.


Product Usage


The products are mainly used as pet washers.They have no pollution to fur of pets and have strong absorption and binding-up ability to excreta.In addition,the single granule is strong enough to force


Physical & Chemical Index





white, or mixed colored



Bentonite contained rate




Agglonerate strength (mm)


Agglonerate strength


Breakage Rate