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bentonite particles

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  • Materialbentonite
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Product Detail Information

Product Introduction


This product has a property of swelling in water and the swelling index can reach from 15 to 20. What's more, the high-density colloids formed after expanding. have exclusive performance of water. Due to this property, natural sodium bentonite can be used as water-proof material in many fields.


Product Use


The water-proof property of natural sodium bentonite is mainly embodied  in three fields. To be more specific, it has an anti-seepage effect in the field of construction engineering municipal engineering, subway, garden, artificial lake) and has anti-seepage effect as well as corrosion resistant effect in the field of environmental sanitation. Besides, it also has an anti-seepage effect in the field of hydraulic engineering (reservoirs and dams of rivers or lakes).


Technical Specifications




Swelling index

≥ 24mL/2g

Moisture content

≤ 13% by mass related to the dry mass

Mineral particles> 0,125 mm

≤ 5% by dry mass

Water absorbtion capacity after 24h(Enslin-Neff)

> 450% (Enslin-Neff)